Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Lgpp0590 I got a instant message from my brother yesterday.  That isn't unusual.  We IM off and on a few times a day.  Usually it's about sport, or blogs we read, or family stuff.

This one was a bit more serious.  It simply said:

Headed to the hospital

I typed a flurry of IMs back. He noted that he had been awakened in the night by a bat flying overhead and had a mark on his arm that might be a bat bite.  He was worried since bats can carry rabies and there are a bunch of really horrible images on Google of what happens when you let a bat bite get out of hand,

I knew he was really worried when he took me up on my offer to meet him at the HUP Emergency Room.

We waited in a fairly hideous room among the sick and mangled of Philadelphia while the gears and cogs of Penn Health processed Matt (hearafter called Batman).  We were impressed at the huge custom-built fish tank and its dozen or so inhabitants that must cost a pretty penny to maintain.  Ahh health care costs are not always paying for tongue depressors!

Eventually we were ushered through a warren of piles of paper, desks and down a hallway to the medical care area.  Matt's Batman's nerves were soothed by the free wireless network that Penn Health provides for patients and others who wait with them.  After about an hour of squatting on the floor i was offered a filthy chair which a nurse helpfully draped with a sheet.

While the friendly, if quirky nurse practitioner wasn't sure that it was a bat bite, and in fact was pretty sure it wasn't, Matt Batman still needed to drop trou and take a few rabies shots in the butt and arm.  He doesn't react quite as badly to needles as I do, but he does turn the same shade of green.

One of the light moments was when the health care provider realized we were brothers and not 'special friends' as she had been assuming. 

Matt Batman was pretty shaken up by the whole thing but made it home ok. 

Ok until the BAT CAME BACK. As soon as it got dark last night, there was the flying rat, back torturing my brother and his roommates.  You'd think 3 guys with college educations ... nah I won't go there.  Oh yeah and he also had to tell his girlfriend she needed shots in the butt too.  Good times!!!

Hopefully the bat eradicator can fix the issue today and Matt Batman can rest easy.

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PCole said...

Was recently reminiscing with my brothers about a far less serious bat situation. We had bats in our house in the '80s, when I was a teenager. (Oldest of three.) Our usual MO was to try to shoo bats out the door but this one was having none of it, and our parents were out for the evening. The backup plan was to wait until one hung on the curtains in the living room, then trap it against the wall with a badminton racket, slide it off the curtains and between another racket and throw it out the door.
But I was 15 or so and the others were 10 and 6 so we weren't having much luck. Bat kept flying around, kept us running for about a half-hour. Finally, the bat was head right for me, across the living room about belt-high over the plate. I hit a line drive straight up the middle -- it hit the curtains on the opposite wall and dropped.
We were all stunned, but managed to shake it off in time to collect the damn thing and get it out the door.
Sorry for the long comment. :)