Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eventually It Had to Happen

An alert regular reader, Pat Coleman,  tipped me to the fact that in a column today, His Bloatedness, Bill Conlin actually makes sense for the first time since roughly the Carter Administration.  In today's missive, Jabba The Hut Conlin, his case that Charlie Manuel is actually the best crisis manager in baseball:

I think Charlie has been managing up a storm for more than a month. The worse the news, the better his survivors seem to play.

Now here comes the scary part.

I agree with Conlin.

This team plays its heart out for Uncle Charlie.  He wrings the most out of the paltry talent that comes . up from the minors.  He seems to have mastered the double switch.  He makes tough calls (sitting $13 Million Dollar Man Pat "The Bench" Burrell for rookie Michael Bourn).  He's realized the guys who bust it for him (Dobbs)and he's playing them.  The rest are forgotten (Helms).

As usual, Conlin gets him self all wrapped up in hyperble and arrogance and lses the basice thread of his argument, but I'll distill it for you:

If you had been told that at the break the Phils would have 3 minor leaguers starting in a week and that major portions of the bullpen would be injured and that rwo of the starters on opening day would be riding the pine with offensive stats that are, well, OFFENSIVE, you would have said the Phils were dead and out of it.

But miraculously, despite last night's ugly 9-6 pitching phuck up, the Phils are in the race. 

And for that Charlie deserves a contract.


Pcole said...

Wouldn't it be great if he could also manage on game day?
Thanks for the shout-out.

Chris said...

Pcole -
As I noted, he has progressed in terms of his game day moves. I don't know if it's Jimy Williams or Davy Lopes, or just sheer repetition, but he has begun to push most of the right buttons.