Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Buddy!

  John the Cat 
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It's hard to believe that it's been 7 years since that stormy, muggy June night that John made me wait until 6:26 am until he was finally born.  I vividly remember that even before he was out of the womb he was screaming and crying, begging for food.

After he was fed and cleaned up, he settled down a bit and has been a great kid for the last seven years.  He loves baseball more than anything and is big fan of the Yankees and SportsCenter.  I had a great time coaching him on the Marlins this year and on the Orioles last year.  I hope he never loses his love for the game.

John is a fun kid and enjoys his classmates and especially gym class.  he is a smart guy and had a good year in first grade.  Like me, he is a bit quick to anger and more than a little rambunctious.  I am sure he will always be a bit of handful for his teachers.

I have alwyas loved that John wants to be a part of everything and is eager to help me whenever he can.  Most of the projects I have done around the house have been completed with him at my side.  It's a great thing!

John is loving and sensitive, and is especially good with his little sister Emma.  I am proud of the moments that he shows her special attention and caring.  I hope that they are always as close as they are now.

I had a great day celebrating your birthday with you today, John and I look forward to our part in Moorestown.

Happy 7th Birthday Buddy!!!!


Matt P said...

I remember that day well. He sure is a great kid...

Chris said...

Nice work getting him outfitted with the Phils cap and the throwback style RynHo shirt last night Uncle Matt!