Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Just a quick post to wish a happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and to thank them for all that they do fpr their sons and daughters.  Here in Moorestown, we will be holding the Pesotski Family Annual Crab Fest.

Matt, Kevin and I will be cleaning the crabs, The girlfriend and Carin will be steaming them and we will all be eating them.  Grandma will be playing with the grandkids and "Pop" will supervise all activities.

This tradition is my father's revival of crabfests that my grandfather used to do occasionally each summer.  He loved his crabs and beer, and I can remember several nice afternoons that we all spent in his backyard enjoying the still-hot crabs.  Back in the day I drank orange soda, but today we'll hoist a few Genny Cream Ales as tradition holds.

My dad deserves the credit fo keeping this going.  No matter what we are all doing, he makes sure to let us know how important it is to him.  It's our Father's Day gift to him and I know he appreciates it.

It will be hot, but the AC is already cranking and the beer will be cold.  I'll try to get some phots of the festivities up later tonight.

Happy Father's Day!


For various reasons, this thing was written on dialup.  Do you have ANY idea how friggin' slow dialup is?????  Jeez!


PCole said...

Dude, Happy Father's Day.
Wish me luck -- my wife works at 3 today so I have all three kids for bedtimes. I can count on one hand the times that's happened.

Chris said...

Patrick my man - I wish you all the best there as you do what you have to as a dad! I will hoist one for you, though there won't be any Guinness in the house today.
Best to you on Father's Day!

Matt P said...

Great time this year, thanks for hosting!