Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Phils Keep it Up

I gotta say that I continue to be amazed that the Phils are still in the race and seem to be building toward a run at the Mets this weekend.  Despite not getting any production out of 3 of their big off-season acquisitions (Freddy '83MPH' Garcia, Wes 'John Russell' Helms and Rod 'Where is Chris Coste' Barajas), the Phils are right in this thing, just 2.5 games back of the Mets.

Yeah a lot of that has to do with the Mets positively SUCKING over the last 3 weeks, but the Phils could easily have done an el foldo after losing Myers, Gordon, Garcia and now Leiber to injuries.  They didn't lose Pat Burrell to injury, he's just lost.

So last night, they put up enough run support for a AA starter to get his second big league win in 3 starts and then turned it over to a AA reliever to hold it together for the 35,000+ Phans down at CBP.  The game left me feeling pretty good. 

Then I got in the CRV this morning for the ride into work, tuned in Sports Radio 950's morning show with Michael Bradley, Glenn Foley and the lovely Meredith Marakovits and caught their interview with Pat Gillick.

They tried to get him to answer the questions, but the wily 71 year old GM is a slippery sucker.  New contract for Charlie?  "People are making too much of that.  We don't do deals in season.  We'll address that later."  When will Gordon and Myers be back?  "People are making too much of that.  Maybe after the All-Star break.  Maybe before.   Gordon who?"  Will he make a deal for a pitcher?  "No pitchers out there right now.  We're trying."  How come the Phillies never make a mid-season deal to get over the hump?  "Everyone here is committed to winning from the owners on down."

Jesus.  i thought they were interviewing Ed WadeFirst, you can do a contract any time of year.  I know he sounds like the village idiot and he makes some head scratching moves some nights, but this team plays for Charlie.  He should get a deal now.  Second,  What's the real deal on Myers and Gordon?  what was the set back this week?  Why was the rehab pushed off for Myers?  Has anyone even SEEN Tom Gordon lately?  Third, there ARE pitchers out there.  The Tigers just dealt Mike Maroth.  Mark Buehrle is on the block.  It's time to part with Carlos Ruiz and Aaron Rowand to get Buehrle on the mound here next week.  Finally, Pat, take the party line and stick it.  The owners don't care about a pennant if the seats are filled.  We know that.  We have lived through this 30 year regional sports nightmare

Don't tell us you're committed to winning.   Do something about it.

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