Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tough News

I got an email yesterday from an old friend.  A guy I worked with for six years back at Widener but have not seen in a while.  He was one of a number of us hired  right out of college at the W and we all stuck together.  He married a great girl,has three great kids and has gone on to substantial success in his field.

Yesterday he told all his friends he has MS.  He is stepping down from his current position and in his words, "pursue a different life path."

I'm pretty crushed.  He's my age, has kids and a great job.  He has dealt with this terrible disease as long as he could privately, but now it has forced him to let us all know.  He was always the toughest competitor, the nicest guy and the most interesting person around.  None of that has changed, but MS has forced a concession and I know how that must feel.

I'm not naming him here because he has a pretty high profile position in his field.  He's one of the best.  He told me, but did not say, "Hey! Go post this on your website."  I'm respecting his privacy until the news breaks more widely.

I know he will be successful in his next phase of life.  He always has been.  I just wish this choice hadn't been made for him.

Big guy, my best to you and the family.

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