Sunday, July 15, 2007


The Phillies will lose their 10,000th game tonight.  Over 125 years, that equates to 80 or so losses a year.  We may be unhappy today with the .500 team on a $100 million payroll, but how must 1920s through 40s era phans have felt as the Phils were putting up 30 out of 31 losing seasons?

About the only positive thing that happened tonight was Michael Bourn's ist major league homer.  The speedster broke the shutout up with a ball that just barely got over the right field wall.

It's 10-2 no with an Utley double to CF.  I note the sign from one of the Phans:

I have not failed.  I have simply found 10,000 ways that have not worked.

- Thomas Edison

I can only hope that we find a way to make it work in the second half.

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