Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fantastic Four

After a summer vacation, our regular Friday feature the Friday Fantastic Four is back!!  (I know you were all waiting.)

What are your four dream jobs?

  1. Travel Writer

  2. Free-Lance Photographer

  3. Newspaper Columnist

  4. VP of Enrollment Services at UCSD

Honorable Mentions:

Note - you can make it as fantastic as you like, but I kind of think of this list as jobs that are in the realm of possibility if you got a break, were able to move, etc.


Hillary Chybinski said...

I've only ever thought about 2. . .
1. Broadway Star
2. NASCAR driver
if I had to pick 2 more. . .
3. Published Author
4. Scrapbook Store Owner (yes, a realistic one)

PCole said...

I don't think being Charlize Theron's pool boy is within the realm of possibility.

Chris said...

Hills -
I would LOVE to drive NASCAR, but as my insurance agent will tell you, i can't drive for shit, so i gotta think it's out of reach.
Pat -
You can't make me give up on my most cherished fantasy!