Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In An Instant

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I am in the midst of a two week period in which I will visit 11 states and  DC, using planes, trains and automobiles.

While in DC most recently I had the chance to hear a very compelling and moving story that helped remind me what's important.  Lee Woodruff's book is titled In An Instant and details her husband Bob's recovery from an attack by Iraqi insurgents in 2006.  The Woodruffs were on top of the world, with Bob recently assuming the evening news co-anchor job at ABC News.  They had four great kids and a dream home in West Chester County.

Then a bomb send pieces of rock and metal into Bob's head, neck and brain.  His producer stuck his fingers in the wound and saved his life.  Helicopter pilots ignored orders not to land and rescued the reporter who was near death.  Doctors in Iraq stabilized him and removed a large part of his skull.  Woodruff was moved first to Germany then to Bethesda Naval Hospital.

The president of ABC News called Lee Woodruff and gave her the news.  In that instant, every fear imaginable went through her head. 

Lee Woodruff did an amazing job portraying the emotion of the journey that has brought her husband back from the near-dead to work again as a television reporter.  I can't possibly write well enough to help folks who have not seen her understand the wonderfully calm way that she expresses her devotion for her husband and children, her gratitude for all those involved in her husband's recovery and her fervent desire to help the world better understand brain injuries.

The Woodruffs have established a foundation to help members of the military who have been brain injured.  They say they were ennobled by the experience.  I am humbled by it. 


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