Saturday, July 14, 2007


  Tampa Bay Storm Clouds 
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In Florida during July about the only thing you can count on is thunder storms.  There are about a million in the Orlando Airport area right now, so here i sit at MCO Gate 57.

On the positive side, I can see the plane we are getting on, unlike the flight that was supposed to leave at 3:30 for PHL, which still has no aircraft in sight.  I am assured that I will get home tonight, though we are already delayed by about 40 minutes.

There's free internet, which makes me smile and lets me upload pictures pretty darn fast.  i am sure there are bars with ruder and worse-looking waitresses in the US, but I have never found one.

Hopefully I'll see you in Philly in a few hours!

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Hillary Chybinski said...

hope you made it home - LOVE that air travel!