Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Night In Camden

  Fireworks and the BFB 
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There aren't many times when some says that they had a great night in Camden, but we sure did last night!

John, Emma, the GF and I headed over to Camden last night to catch a Riversharks game at Campbell's Field in the shadow of the Ben Franklin Bridge on Delaware River Waterfront.  We saw a Sharks win, fireworks and John got to run the bases.

6,810 South Jerseyans turned out to see the show and I didn't see many disappointed folks.  The minor league teams sure know how to entertain fans, with contests, a merry-go-round (Emma loved it!), three different mascots and a lot of fun.

We had great seats right behind home plate, but not the greatest for photos.  Still, I got a few and they are up.

Coincidentally, we met Bob Nehring, the Sharks' Director of Group Events this morning at Wawa and he was a really nice guy and seems genuinely happy that we had a good night at the park .

Get out to a game before the season ends!


PCole said...

My son's first pro baseball game ... actually, any baseball game, was a RiverSharks game, fourth of July weekend in 2002. We had a great time too -- great seats, the fireworks, reasonable prices and our then-four-year-old daughter loved the mascot. :)

Hillary Chybinski said...

We LOVE going to the RiverSharks. . .I even caught a foul ball. . .Mother's Day 2 or 3 years ago. . .go figure. . .

Chris said...

It's cheap, it's fun, htere are things for Emma to do, and THREE mascots! What's not to love?