Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another Summer Slipping Away

  Late Summer Back Yard 
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Is it just me, or did you wake up this morning feeling like fall was nearly upon us?

Yesterday's sticky heat was swept away in last night's storms and there is a coolness in the air this morning that we have not felt in the Philadelphia area since May.  Fall is almost here.

August is a month that has some of the summer's hottest days, but also often has morning that force us to realize that the days of falling leaves and yellow school buses are bare days away.

When I was a child, we were often in Maine during the last weeks of August.  Nearly every morning was crisp and fall-like and the afternoons barely touched the 80s.  We usually got home just a few days before returning to school.  The coolness of this morning reminds me very much of the bittersweet feeling I used to get as the days of August drew closed in the col mooring stillness of Cape Porpoise.

Have a good weekend!

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