Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Breaded Pork Medallions and an Italian Red

I had a nice relaxing dinner at home last night with the GF.  She had the day off and boy, did that work out for me, as it gave her the time to put together a really great meal! 

I'm going to make a sweepingly broad generalization, but here I go ... Gosh, Italian women can cook.  I don't think that there is any coincidence that I have gained about 20 pounds since my divorce 18 months ago.  (The Ex, obviously, was NOT Italian.)

The GF created a nice evening with seasoned, breaded pork medallions that were both tender and flavorful.  They were nicely complimented with grilled corn and sauteed potatoes.   I added a bottle of 2004 Stella & Mosca Cannonau Sardegna Riserva, a Sardinan red made from the Grenache grape.

I capped off the meal with chopped cherries on Turkey Hill Chocolate Pretzel ice cream.

Not a bad night at all!

hat tip to Heidi for her inspiration to me in getting me to write about food!



Hillary Chybinski said...

yum - that sounds great.
clearly not all italian girls can cook. . .maybe i needed to be 100% italian instead of like 75%. . .yeah - that's probably it. LOL

kasey loessberg said...

Damn, you made me hungry just reading that.

Chris said...

Hillary -
I think it requires 87.5%!!!!

Heidi said...

aw, i can inspire! your dinner sounds lovely, but that ice cream? i need that! oh hey, i have an ice cream maker...