Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chatsworth is Best -- At Something

  Sundown - Chatsworth Lake 
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The tiny Burlington County crossroads of Chatsworth has been named to Adventure Magazine's 50 Best Places to Live.  Here's what they have to say:

Chatsworth, New Jersey
- Population: 1,364
- Median home price: $257,000
- The radius: Tiny Chatsworth is the unofficial capital of New Jersey's surprising Pine Barrens, a 3,000-square-mile (7,770-square-kilometer) spread of swamp-edged streams, stands of pine and cedar, and—in autumn—tracts of cranberries  (all that, just 37 commutable miles [60 kilometers] east of Philly). The best route is the 50-mile (80-kilometer) Batona Trail; while you're hiking, watch for the diminutive (less than the length of your thumb) Pine Barrens Tree Frog.

I have to say that I was stunned when I got this news today.  I lived in the town for three years and never would have considered it remotely possible that the town would be designated the best at anything except for perhaps "Best Cranberrying Village in the New Jersey Pinelands."  There are two part-time retail businesses and a motorcycle shop in town.  The post office is a trailer.  You can't grow a darn thing because the deer outnumber the people and eat everything.

But it is amazingly beautiful in its own way.  The people are down-to-earth and very nice.  Robin's Hot Dogs are the best around.  And as, the magazine notes, the hiking is outstanding.  (The part about it being withing commutable distance to Philly is crap.  Route 70 makes it a 90 minute trip during rush hour.)  Tens of thousands flock there every year for the annual Cranberry Festival in October.

Now I can say that i have lived in two different "Best" towns.  I am currently a proud resident of Moorestown, NJ, Money Magazine's 2005 Best Place to Live.  I have to admit that the remoteness of Chatsworth makes Moorestown a clear winner for me.  (That and the shops, neighhbors, parks, etc.)

Well congratulations to Chatsworth!


Matt P. said...

Here's a vote for Moorestown (of the two). Chatsworth was beautiful, but really tough to get to and from.

kasey loessberg said...

I'll always relate Pine Barrens with the Sopranos. It might be cheesy, but that episode that featured the Pine Barrens was damn good.

Chris said...

While only one body was found in the Pine Barrens in the three years I lived there, I know that it's a fairly common urban legend that hikers and farmers are always tripping over mob hits.
What you do see lots of are dead deer on the side of the road ...

furiousball said...

I'm in Medford Lakes and I dig Chatsworth too. Although a few weekends ago, I got lost in Wharton State Forrest and ended up riding through there briefly. A 30 mile trip turned into 53 miles on bike...

Chris said...

I am a big fan of Medford Lakes actually. It's a very pretty town that co-exists well with the pines and the water.
Biking in the Pinelands takes a certain degree of courage. You can get lost easy, help is not exactly easy to come by and you can always run into a bear.
Thanks for dropping by!