Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fantasy Football

Img_2567Well, the Delco Fantasy Football League (DFFL) held its draft today.  Nine of the ten team owners attended the live draft, held in Aston, PA.  The tenth team owner, Pete, participated via cell phone.  We believe he was probably playing with his cats and did not drink as much beer as we did.

There was no surprise with the #1 pick, as NFL MVP Ladanian Tomlinson went , followed by Steven Jackson. That put me on the clock at #3 where I took Larry Johnson.

Highlights of the day included me seeing Maria for the first time in years.  Shane is a very lucky man, though he did take kickers in consecutive rounds. Food and beer were plentiful.  The use of of the word "Phuck" was limited primarily to Pesotskis, with a sprinkling form others directed at Walklett

Hesse has a beautiful home and a great setup for the draft, with wireless internet, a bar, pool table and big screen TV in the basement.  We could not have done much better.  Thanks to commish #1 Goot and Commish #2 lil bro Matty (above right)for their organizational talents.  They may still be there figuring out the finances.

The 2007 Jersey Boys break camp looking to improve on their 10th place finish last year with the following roster:

QB1Drew Brees2
QB2Ben Roethlisberger11
RBLarry Johnson1
RB2Thomas Jones4
RB3Clinton Portis7
RB4LenDale White10
RB5Mike Bell15
RB6Michael Turner16
WRChad Johnson3
WR2Lee Evans5
WR3Anquan Boldin6
WR4Bernard Berrian12
TEJason Witten8
KOlindo Mare13

A few photos from the day are up here.  I'll keep ya posted on the standings!


PCole said...

I draft a week from today, No. 4 spot overall.

kasey loessberg said...

I like the Whiten pick in round 8. Mare at 13 is good, too. Good luck.

Walklett said...

Damn, you didn't waste any time on the post. Nice work, cool pics.
You did however waste your money in this league. My team is BEEFY. Good luck, you'll need it.

Chris said...

Walklett -
Taking advantage of mom's free internet still? Or does the new job have a computer?

gootman said...

Good job on the recap and the photos. Finance are all figured out, I'm gonna win and keep most of it. You can see full draft results, here.

Jock Jerseys NFL said...

On paper, your team looked terrific I'm sure. Once the season started and the players started underperforming, it likely resulted in another 5th-10th place finish.
I had roughly the same roster and had the same experience. What a waste of your top pick (on LJ) - wished you'd known during the draft I'm sure.