Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Phinding Ways To Win

The Phils pulled out another one tonight 3-2 over the Mets, leaving only one game left for the potential 4 game sweep.

Jamie Moyer was solid in his 6 innings tonight, looking nothing like the guy who has given up 25 runs in his last 3 games.  Abe Nunez proved Charlie right AGAIN tonight, getting the start and playing 3B brilliantly.  Chase took the night off, but second base played a key place in the game, as Moron Marlon Anderson practically tackled Tad Iguchi at second, getting called for interference on a play that ended a game that might still be going on if not for the play.

In other good news, Lastings Milledge was injured on a Rollins fly ball and Burrell and Rollins homered as the Phils brought the Mets to their knees.

As I noted on Jody Mac's show today, I am back on the bandwagon and I am sorry I doubted the boys.  Whenever things look bleak, they find a way to pull back into it and tonight was no exception.  The Phils try to make it 5 in a row tomorrow at The Bank vs. El Duque at 1:05.

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