Monday, August 27, 2007

Thanks Alberto!

  Liar Liar 
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I jkust want to take this moment to thank Alberto Conzales for the WONDERFUL birthday present he has given me and the nation by his resignation today.  The Liar General had trouble remembering his name when called before Congress, let alone details of a super-secret program to spy on ordinary Americans or the political machinations that went into firing the US Attorneys.

CNN reports that Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff will be nominated by The Shrub to replace Gonzales. ANYONE will be better than AG as AG, but what about Chertoff should give us hope he acn do better?  His super-organized response to Hurricane Katrina

Still the cupboard in the Bush Administration is pretty bare of talent in the second half of a failed, lame-duck administration.  I guess a former jederal appelate judge and prosecutor is about the best we could hope for.  Let's hope he is too bust cleaning up AG's messes to make any of his own!

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