Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back To School Night

542728990_3421fa6b1b_m I spent last night I engaged in that time honored tradition that marks the beginning of fall:  Back to School Night.  John was excited that I was going to school to meet Miss Lacey.  I was very happy to see examples of his early work and meet some of the other parents.

As the 18 0f us settled into the impossibly little chairs and listened raptly to Miss Lacey's discussion of all that would go on this year, I was struck by how old John has gotten so fast.  Its seems like just yesterday I was spooning squash into him and waking up every two hours each night to feed and soothe him.  Now he's a big second grader with 40 minutes of homework each night!

I don't think that I had 40 minutes of homework a night until I was at least in 4th grade.  The specificity with which the spelling lists need to be completed reminds me of Sister Margaret Leonore's ruler-straight strictures.  It takes a lot of discipline to be a kid these days, and I am proud of John that he is handling it all so well.

As for Emma, she has a couple more years of playing with her friends and less-structured learning before entering elementary school, but even she has some elements of rigor creeping into her days.

Here's to a good year for all the kids and teachers!

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