Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to School

Emma returns to her little school today and John starts second grade tomorrow.  Emma will miss seeing her friend Miss TImg002erri each day, but has agreed to be 'a good girl' and see how things go.  john is rather grudging in his acceptance that summer is ending and the school year beginning.  He has opined that school should start after baseball season ends and should end in April when it begins again.

I always had mixed emotions about returning to school in September.  I always looked forward to seeing my friends again, but I disliked the uniforms at St. John's in Wallingford after the freedom of Walden.  I did not do well with the long periods of sitting quietly and paying attention.  John seems the same way, saying that recess and gym are the parts of school that he likes.   Emma has not had to conform much so far in her early schooling, but certainly likes to do her own thing.

Here's to all the little ones who head back to school this week and to all those who teach them .  I know it's a big job and one of the most important around.  Let's hope the summer vacation has everyone all charged up for the new year!

The photo is from John's first day at school, two years ago this week.  Emma was not happy he was getting all the attention!

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