Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Fantastic Four

To celebrate the beginning of the football season, we have a sport-related list today. 

What are your four favorite sports events? 

For example – in 1983 when I hit a home run off Suzy Sample to win the Kidde Kup World Series or the 2003 Daytona 500 or whatever.

  1. Taking the kids and GF to Yankee Stadium in 2006.  Yanks lost, but John was enthralled

  2. Game 5, 1993 World Series - Schilling beats the Blow Jays 2-0.  Bryen O'Boyle and I sit in the 700 Level and drink lots of beer, later falling asleep in the parking lot.

  3. 1997 1998 Pennsylvania Athletic Conference Baskeball Championship - Cabrini beats Allentown Alvernia to cut the nets down in the last game ever at Sacred Heart Hall.

  4. 1985 NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Championship - Villanova plays the perfect game and downs the vaunted Hoyas 66-64 on April Fool's Day.


Matt P said...

1. Eagles win NFC Championship, we partied in the snow.
2. Phils win '93 NL Champs, Mitch leaps in the air.
3. Temple hoops home games my entire freshman year. Ended up ranked in the top 5.
4. I saw an Italian League soccer game at the Stadio Olympico in Rome. Lazio vs. AC Milan. That was pretty amazing.

John Mack said...

The 1997 PAC Championship game was at Alvernia, 96 was at home vs Allentown in their last game in the PAC. My senior year, 1998 was the last game ever in the Sacred Heart Gym, when we beat Alvernia yet again for another PAC title. That's my number 1.
2. Another Cabrini game- my lone NCAA appearance in 1998 vs Marywood-- Coach Dzik uttered words I thought I'd never hear (and I'm sure he thought he'd never say)-- "We're gonna run 'Up' for John Mack" Up is a isolation play from a box set designed to get a quick basket off a double screen....and needless to say I wasn't known for my scoring prowess...
3. Cabrini vs William Patterson in 2002 for the right to go to the Sweet 16... we beat the defending national champions on their home floor, making the final 32 for the first time in program history.
4. Eagles/Atlanta Falcons NFC Championship game, 2005. DMac finally leading us to the promised land after 4 years of trying....
5. 1998 Eagles/Dallas at the vet. Tim Hauck. Michael Irvin. The concrete turf. Enough said.

Chris said...

Johnny Mack -
After so many years in gyms, I get the years messed up. I blended the 2 great "A" championship games in my memories of Sacred Heart. The 98 game was the one I meant.
I was in the huddle for your second game noted and lets just say it's a good thing we were up a lot in that game and had a TO to use to try to get you the ball. As I recall, you have Coach Keeley to thank for the idea.
I was on the radio for the 03 game at Willie Pat and to say that it was exciting for the Cabrini program is an understatement.

John Mack said...

I hear you, we won so many titles, it's hard to get them straight......
Re, my #2, Yes, you are right, it was Coach Keeley's idea, but I do remember Dzik also saying 'I don't think I'll ever call that one again' Anyway the play did work (rather slowly as in my custom) but I missed the shot....although I think my younger brother slipped the ref a twenty on the stage to have him call a foul on the I then proceeded to miss the 2 shots, and thus am out scored in the all-time record books by the Ockman.....too bad, I think they would have rushed the court if I made it.....which would have been the only time a game was suspended because someone scored a Good memories....Yet another reason why I miss the old Cabrini Basketball.

gootman said...

same first 2 as Matt
1. Eagles beating the Falcons for NFC Champs, surreal day with the snow and almost getting in a fight in the morning.
2. '93 Phils NL Champs, still had the Daily News with Mitch leaping up until a year or two ago when it got messed up in a move.
3. '97 Flyers win the East, I was in South Philly at a friends house and it was pandemonium, horns honking and people yelling. (The Stanley Cup finals never happened that year).
4. Any Eagles game/Superbowl during the late 80s-early 90s. My parents always had a party with a bunch of people over. Made me the fan I am today.

Chris said...

I was in Massachusetts for the '05 NFC Championship, and thus the memories are not nearly as nice as for you guys ... glad you enjoyed it. Who are these Flyers people?
JMack - Ock's got you in the score book because we ran DOZENS of plays to try to get him a basket. Him and Karsch. You made the most of your physical ability.
Best line I ever heard about you - "How good a player is John Mack? Well, he's a really good computer programmer. And he's tall."

John Mack said...

Lol.... I like that Both things are true, though. Damn good computer

MSU Gal said...

June 7, 1997-- I'll never forget it because I was in the crowd at Joe Louis Arena when, after more than forty years of drought, the MIGHTY RED WINGS beat Philadelphia, bringing Lord Stanley back to Hockeytown!!!!
They won it all again in 98 but not at home. I am not sure where they were when they won in 2001 but I am quite sure that 1997 night in June was one of a kind.

Chris said...

Mighty Red Wings ... Grumble Grumble ...Grrr!