Sunday, September 30, 2007

Keep Me Posted

We're about to head out to the baseball game.  No - not THAT game, the Yankees game in Baltimore.

My son is a huge Yankees fan and at the beginning of the season, thinking the last game might be big for the Yanks, I got us seats in the Club Level at Oriole park for the season finale.

As it turns out, the game will be meaningless as the Yanks have already clinched a wildcard berth and the O's were terrible again this year.

The game here in Philly though will be one for the ages, as the Phils battle the Nationals to scratch their way into the playoffs for the first time since 1993. 

I'll be watching the scoreboard and wearing my Phils shirt.  Keep me posted on all the news from South Philly and Flushing


PCole said...

Unbelievable finish to the season in the NL.

Chris said...

It was a wonderful way to end the regular season ... Now it's time for a frigging parade!!!!!!
Rally 12 Noon tomorrow at City Hall