Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Fantastic Four

Ok - here we go.   I have a cold, so I have tried a few things to shake the bug to no avail so far.  In that theme - here is this week's Friday Fantastic Four:

What are your four favorite cold remedies?  Commercial, homeopathic, homemade, off-the-wall, whatever.  What works for you?

  1. Dayquil LiquiCaps - for general colds

  2. Nyquil - gotta sleep

  3. Chicken soup - my grandfather used to call it "Jewish Penicillin"

  4. Jack Daniels - for coughs

Busy weekend coming up, Matt's Bday, pumpkin picking fall decorating, etc.

Get out and enjoy the new cool temperatures.


Matt P said...

1. Halls/CVS menthol cough drops. So good.
2. Robitussin/CVS tussin. I probably like this too much. That little cup it comes with is for sissies.
3. TV episode marathons, via download or Netflix.
4. Lots of echinacea tea.

Chris said...

Drinking the cough medicine straight from the bottle, huh? Sounds quite ... altering.