Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Fantastic Four

I try not to do whiny, complaining posts, but i watched the World Series last night and it totally ticked me off.


In that vein -

What four things most piss you off about TV?

  1. 4 guys calling a simple game

  2. Oprah

  3. Current players acting as commentators

  4. That I have 174 channels and nothing is ever on

On the positive side, it was an amazingly well-played game and I can't wait to see if the Phils can make a real play to bring Schill back here for his last season.  Mike Lowell would look nice in red and white at 3B as well.

And I am never buying another Taco Bell product again.

have a great weekend!!!!


gootman said...

1. The guest on MNF, I watch football for football, not to see what movie/TV show is coming out that week.
2. Dumbing down the commentary for the playoffs, remember that animated baseball fox had. If you are a new fan and just watching the playoffs you should not be catered to.
3. Steelers games on CBS. I watch to watch the best AFC game that week, not the god damn Steelers.
4. Movies edited for TV, I can understand blurring out nudity, but if the language is too strong for your network, don't air it.

Hillary Chybinski said...

LOL - 4 things that piss meoff about TV???
1. Newcasters that provide their own opinon - NOT their job, hello!
2. Making "news" out of nothing. . .we can all see it is STILL snowing. . .or raining. . .or whatevering. . .
3. Scary kids shows - hello Yabba Gabba, Hip Hop Harry and the Teletubbies. Oh and those ooba things. . .and Oobie. . .
4. Kids shows with fresh talk. . .is it necessary to teach children to speak to one another or adults in that manner???
have a good one!

Franny Ward said...

I remember the days listening to the Phillies on the radio. Question: Is the current World Series being broadcasted on the radio? If so, that would take away the "TV" factor.

PCole said...

I'm already not buying any Taco Bell products. My self-induced boycott has more than coincided with my losing 32 pounds.