Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's On

Phillies_logo1 Fourteen years ago this month, Bryen O'Boyle and I watched Curt Schilling and the Phils shut down the Toronto Blow Jays 2-0 at Veterans' Stadium in South Philadelphia.  It was to be the high water mark of the Phillies franchise for the 27 years since the magical month of October 1980. 

Today, I will be back in South Philly as Bryen and Mr. Greengenes get the crowd pumped up prior to the biggest game in a LONG LONG time here in Philly.  Then I'll be back in the office watching the game online with the rest of the Phils Phaithphul.

I'm hoping Hamels has a Schillingesque day and the Phils take the lead in the series.

I'll have photos and a wrap later today!


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