Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Judge Calls Burlco Republicans "Despicable"

After republicans running for various offices tried to slur a democratic opponent as soft on terrorism, a federal district judge in the Fort Dix Six case has called the republican tactics "despicable."

I would have stopped at "desperate," but the judge is probably right.

Tracey Riley is running for Assembly as a democrat and her husband's law firm is defending one for the terrorists accused of plotting to kill soldiers at Fort Dix.  Somehow the two attorneys and the other guy running on the republican ticket have jumped to the conclusion that because her husband is providing a constitutionally-protected defense to an accused ciminal, that somehow she is a terrorist.

It's bottom-feeding politics, but not unexpected from this group, who are clearly running scared this fall as the dirty deeds of the last few decades seems poised to catch up with the elepantine party of burlington County.


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