Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thanks Guys!

446110667_9c55bb2977_mIt's hard to believe that the sweet feeling the Phils brought us last Sunday is now tinged with the bitter edge of the sweep.

Back in April, Jody Mac warned me that the best I could hope for was a pennant race that went down to the wire.  Jody was dead on.  This team scrapped and slugged and even at times, pitched its way into the Division lead with only hours to spare.

It was a wild, wonderful ride.

At the end of 162 games, I was darn near spent and I just watched the games.  From all appearances over the last week, the Phils were spent too.   I went down to the games in South Philly and watched last night as Jamie Moyer, who personifies the phrase "Crafty Lefty," gave them just one more chance.  I had High Hopes.

But it wasn't too be.  These Phils were too young, had spent too much energy, and just did not have enough against a team that  matches up against them very well.  So they will stack the bats, fold the uniforms and break out the golf clubs for another winter.

At least the off-season was a week shorter this year.