Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Good Day

I spent much of yesterday helping Bopper re-hab his parents' kitchen.  They live in a great 1920's stone twin in beautiful Media, PA.  The old kitchen is pretty much gone, they are salvaging the dining area floor, but basically everything else will be new.  Bopper is a top-shelf carpenter and fixer of the highest order, so my role was to do whatever he needed done.

The project is a few weeks old at this point and most of the demolition had been completed.  I did some fairly basic wiring and carpentry, tried to keep Mr. Ranson on task, and enjoyed the camaraderie.  Kevin did yeoman's work chipping 1970's-ear adhesive of a wall that can now be skimcoacted.  Bopper and I have done a bunch of these kinds of mini-projects and it was good to be able to still have enough ability to help out a true master carpenter. We solved a few puzzles, thought out the next couple challenges and actually got some work done.

The real discovery of the day was Bopper's new 'screw machine.'  HIs dad bought him an early Christmas present last week, a Makita BTD142HW Cordless Impact Driver.  Bopper had talked about it early in the day, but I have never been a big Makita fan, so I basically ignored him.  Later, as I was struggling with the beast of a 18v Milwaukee monster Driver he has, Bopper said uhh why don't you try the Makita.

I did and that was all it took.  I am not sure where it has been all my life.  Light and easy to handle, the BTD142HW has a TON of torque and a nice bright LED that shows you what your are doing.   The battery holds a charge for a good long time and charges up in 15 minutes.   Mr. Ranson notes that it even plays a song when it's done charging.  I'm in love.  I added it to my wish list immediately.

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