Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Sad Loss

24 year old Washington Redskins Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor died early this morning as a result of a gunshot wound he sustained in his home from an intruder.  Taylor was in his 4th year in the league and had been an All-American at the University of Miami, which bizarrely did not note his passing as of 9:30 am EST.

While not a close follower of the NFL, I basically thought of Taylor as the proto-typical Hurricane pro.  Brash and hard-hitting, he sometimes drew the ire of the zebras and opponents with his over the top style.  His teammates where telling a different story yesterday, saying he had 'matured' and holding a candlelight vigil for him last night. 

Whatever the case, every person deserves to be safe in his own home and my condolences go out to Taylor's family, friends and teammates.

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