Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Life Milestone

Right now I sit under a jaundice-yellow umbrella in the 'Atrium' at Crozer-Chester Medical Center.  My brother and mother are also here, Mom doing a crossword puzzle, Matt tapping away stylishly on his MacBook.

Why you ask? 

My dad is somewhere in the bowels of the hospital having some part of his heart 'cauterized.'  I thought they stopped doing medical cauterizations somewhere in the Dark Ages, but a doctor actually used the phrase yesterday, so that shows you how much I know about cutting edge heart procedures.  Matt on the other hand, seems to know a great deal in that he edits a magazine or two that cater to exactly to the kinds of guys zapping my dad's heart right now.  The docs talk mostly to Matt.  I frown and nod a lot.

Dad mentioned several times yesterday that he had not planned on being admitted to the hospital yesterday.  That he felt fine and had things to do, etc.  His cardiologist, who admitted him to the hospital within 10 minutes of meeting 'Pop' noted his 157 heart rate and used words like 'non-compliant patient a lot.'  The drugs have not slowed down the 'atrial flutter' he is suffering from, hence the zapping currently being done.

This episode likely marks the beginning of the next phase of life for us adult Pesotski children, that part which will likely involved an increased number of visits to hospitals and calls to bosses explaining our sudden absences.  As Matt noted yesterday, 'once a cardiac patient, always a cardiac patient.'  That being said, if you had told me 9 years ago, when my dad had his quintuple bypass that he would not be back into the hospital for 9 years, I would have said you were nuts, especially given his 'non-compliance.'

He'll likely be just fine after the procedure today, though it will be a few days before he is home.  I am guessing he will take this as the wake up call that it it and increase dietary and exercise compliance for a bit.  But who knows for how long. I probably should as well.  I'm carrying an extra 10 pounds and can't likely run around the block.  I should probably put my money where my mouth is.

Thanks to all of you who have called and texted with good wishes.  We appreciate them. 

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Hillary Chybinski said...

Chris - all my best to you, your dad and the rest of your family.
hugs for a speedy recovery!