Saturday, November 17, 2007

Great Commercial?

I tend to tune out commercials or jump up to grab a beverage or pee during them.  So I had heard this one several times before I actually saw it.  Then I had no idea what they were selling because I was too confused by the animals.  So I started waiting for the commercial to see what the heck they were trying to get me to buy.

Turns out that Jeep is trying to get me to buy the new Grand Cherokee by running this spot on ESPN and Discovery all night long.

The music is "Rock Me Gently" a #1 Billboard hit by Andy Kim from 1974.  I'd never heard that one, but I do remember his other #1, "Sugar, Sugar," which he sang with Ron Dante as part of "The Archies."

I'm torn on whether  this is a great commercial.  I mean I had NO CLUE what the product was for the first 3-4 times I was exposed to it.  However, the unusual music and the animated animals drew me back enough times for me to figure out what they were selling.  Heck, I even went and found the video and did a post on it. 

Now what's the wolf eating and regurgitating the bird about?


Matt P said...

don't like.

Mom said...

love it

Jack said...

It can't be that good a commercial if you still can't identify that the product they are selling is the Jeep Liberty not the Grand Cherokee.