Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Food and Drink Reviews

As I bloatedly recline on the couch and prepare for a busy day of watching college football and encouraging my kids to be quiet, I reflect on the bounty that crossed the tables yesterday.

First, thanks to Wawa for getting the day started with a 20 ounce cup of java yesterday.  While it wasn't up to the usual standards, Roy of the Moorestown store served it up and got me moving after my Wednesday night out with the boys.  Not a bad way to start the day.

The GF served up a tasty mid-day snack of a very basic ham and cheese on multi-grain bread with sliced tomato sprinkled with fresh ground pepper and sea salt.  Sounds simple, but the execution was perfect and it got me though until dinner.

Late in the afternoon, it was time for the turkey feast at the GF's mom's house.  The Company was great as always, and the food was top notch.  A few specific items deserve note.  The perfectly prepared dark meat of the bird hit the spot for me.  I just wish I had some more now for a cold turkey sandwich.  The GF's cousin made an amazing macaroni and cheese that was EASILY the best I have ever had.  Need to find out how she does it.

Also of note at the first gathering of the evening was the marshmallow ambrosia that the GF's grandmother made.  It took me back to the holidays with my own grandmother.  It was darn near the same thing in my memory!  Marshmallow, cherries, coconut and mandarin oranges.  MMMMMMM-MMMMMM!  The Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio provided by GF's little sis was also excellent!

Then we packed everyone up and headed over to PA and my sister;s house for dessert.  We arrived at the perfect time, as they were finishing their meal and in time for dessert!  I headed right for the fridge, as my brother Matt had tipped me that he had a selection of great holiday beers for my sampling.  He did not disappoint.  The Anchor 2007 Christmas brew is their usual big, bold bottle of hoppy brown excellence.  But the beer of the night was Dogfish Head's Olde School barley wine.  Weighing in at 15% abv, Matt and I split this one.  Caramel, citrus and a bit of hops on the end.  Very nice!  My sister sure knows how to make a pumpkin pie.  The flavors were fresh and complex and it was one of the best in my memory.  I don't do crust, but many raved about it.  Kudos to the chef!

We all had a great day eating and drinking and enjoying each other's company.  I hope that you all did too! 


Matt P said...

Now that I'm done my coffee, I'ma drink some more of that beer.

Mom said...

Carin made the crust. Andrew and I made the pie.

Mom said...

and it was your grandmother's recipe.

Matt P said...

Was great pie.

Chris said...

I would like to thank the 4 generations of Neely-Pesotski-Newsome folks for the Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie. I stand corrected on the maker of said pie.