Monday, December 24, 2007

All Is Prepared

  Kids with Santa 2007 
  Originally uploaded by Cavalier92

Everything I am going to buy is bought, the food is ready for tomorrow and the kids are at their mom's.  I've got some wrapping to do and the Christmas Cleanup Elf needs to visit, but otherwise, we're all see for St. Nick to visit.

The GF and I are headed off the my sister's shortly for the annual Christmas Eve Fish Extravaganza shortly.  The food is always excellent and I will try to take notes this time so I don't forget who made what pie.

In the last few minutes, Santa has made his way across northern Africa and is now at Sabha, Lybia dropping a few presents for good boys, girls and former totalitarian dictators.  Santa does not discriminate. 

I hope everyone enjoys the evening and whatever makes it special for you and yours.

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