Monday, December 03, 2007

Christmas Tree Project Is Finished!

  Finished Product 
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Well the living room is cleaned and re-arranged, the tree is up and fluffed, the ornaments have been unpacked and hung, the train is set up and running.  The kids are smiling and ready for the Great Red One's visit.  And I am EXHAUSTED!!!

Since the kids will be away in St. Croix for a week for a family wedding, we decided it was best to get the place ready for Santa this weekend rather than trying to cram it in closer to the holiday.  John especially enjoyed decorating the outside of the house with colored lights and candy canes.  Emma is particularly interested in running the train.

We also saw Santa today and got our Christmas wishes in.  In between all of the holiday festivities, the Eagles threw away a game they should have won.

A nice Valpolicella smoothed the evening along for the adults present and we've got the DVR programmed for ABC Family's 25 days of holiday favorites.

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Matt P said...

Looks perfect!