Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quick Update

For those of you who have expressed good thoughts and asked, here is a quick update on my dad's health.

He's doing well, but is still in the hospital.  It's not looking like he will be released for a few more days.  The atrial ablation procedure on Thursday went well, but took a longer time than most due to some unusual heart topography.  There has been some concern that his heart rate has not dropped below 110 or so and that his blood pressure is somewhat elevated.

Currently the thinking is that the levels are high because he has a slight cold and some anxiety related to being in the hospital.  After the cold passes and the Coumadin levels are adjusted, they will hopefully come down and he can come home.

John and I visited 'Pop' for a while today and he showed John around the wing, introducing him to the staff and showing him all the things the is hooked up to.  Both of them seemed to enjoy the relaxation of hospital rules to allow a 7 year old to visit.

Hopefully things will normalize and he'll be home mid-week!

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