Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Men's Lunch is Upon Us!!!

As Family Week rolls to a conclusion and folks from all over head back to wherever the heck they came from, I take this moment to note that it's the last Sunday of the Year and that means .... The 11ths Annual Men's Lunch!!!


This blessed event combines, drinking, football, wings and ribald conversation in one robust afternoon.  Oh and did I mention that it's traditionally held at Hooters?

For over a decade now, the men of Southern Delaware County and our friends have gathered on the final Sunday of the year to basically be MEN.  We sit around, drink, eat and scratch ourselves.  And look at orange-clad butts.  We compare notes on who is married and divorced now, who won in fantasy football, who saw MRGG last, and the relative merits and educational backgrounds of our waitresses.

It's a blast and I am headed there now.  so if you're in the Route 1 and 202 area, drop by Hooters.  We'll be the group of 30 something guys watching football.  Oh ..well ... It might be hard to pick us out in that crowd.

See ya!

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