Thursday, January 31, 2008

Great American Pub - Radnor

I spent a few hours in Downtown Wayne, PA catching up with Cabrini buds Matt Hodlofski and Lou Monaco. In between ripping the Mets and discussing our hatred of both Superbowl teams, I enjoyed a few beers and some grub

Great American Pub - Radnor

I spent a few hours in Downtown Wayne, PA catching up with Cabrini buds Matt Hodlofski and Lou Monaco. In between ripping the Mets and discussing our hatred of both Superbowl teams, I enjoyed a few beers and some grub

Paling In Comparison

  1990-91 Loquitur Editors 
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Every now and then I get to do something that just feels right.  This afternoon I went back to the Mansion at Cabrini.  Unlike most of the rest of the times I went there, i wasn't headed up to a girl's room.  So much has changed in 15 years!

What hasn't changed is that the Cabrini Communications students are still among the best around.  Today we honored all of their great work over the last year, including an ACP Pacemaker for The Loquitur, well-deserved honors for WYBF and all kinds of scholarships and good things for the current students.

Jerry Zurek is and always has been the heart of the Communications program at Cabrini.  I was proud to see him honored by so many alumni who returned to thank him for all that he has done for us.  We also wanted to make sure that the current students knew that we value all that they have done.  Their accomplishments are truly amazing.  As I heard all that this year's winner of the Philadelphia Ad Club Scholarship, Amanda Finnegan, had done, I thought back to how little I had done in comparison in winning the award in 1992. 

These students are covering human rights atrocities in Darfur, advocating for Fair Trade coffee on campus, covering presidential campaigns, and doing it better than my friends and I ever did.   We made up baseball teams and dogged the College president, but had no concept of our ability to create change beyond Cabrini's 110 acres.

Congratulations to everyone honored today and best of luck as you look forward to graduation.

Great American Pub - Wayne


I spent a few hours in Downtown Wayne, PA catching up with Cabrini buds Matt Hodlofski and Lou Monaco.  In between ripping the Mets and discussing our hatred of both Superbowl teams, I enjoyed a few beers and some  grub at The Great American Pub.

The food wasnt bad and the company was excellent.  I had a Blue Moon and a Seafood Gumbo to start.  The gumbo had great flavors, small Gulf Shrimp and nicely done sausage bites.   Matty H recommended it and I appreciate the good work.  After an hour or so, a few Yuenglings and a $10 parking ticket, I had a Spinach, Crab and Artichoke dip that had no discernible crab and TONS of gooey excellent melted cheese. 

The food was pretty good for afternoon bar fare.  The staff was pleasant and kept the food and drinks coming.  The space has been improved greatly in the 14 years since the Wayne Tavern and DQ closed.  The door and the bathrooms are still in the same place, but everything else has changed.  The beer selection and bathrooms aren't as amazing as Teresa's Next Door Bar up the street, but the food and room are better on balance.

Great American Pub - Radnor

I spent a few hours in Downtown Wayne, PA catching up with Cabrini buds Matt Hodlofski and Lou Monaco. In between ripping the Mets and discussing our hatred of both Superbowl teams, I enjoyed a few beers and some grub

Crazy Busy

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you look back and wonder what the hell you did all week?

There's so much to do at work right now, I need to make a list of all the things "on my plate" just so I don't forget one. One semester is starting, we're trying to get ready for the Fall 2008 students, a guy is leaving and I have three major reports and projects I am 'tasked" with. 
That plus all the meetings, regular staff stuff and student issues.  I am left feeling overwhelmed.

Of course there are the home front things too.  Mom had a stress test yesterday.  It went great, but meant a dash out to Media at lunch time before stopping in to check on my dad than heading back to the office for 2 more meetings.  The kids are awesome and a great source of energy but driving them all over Burlington County is  PITA but one I have to bear I guess.

I fall into bed each night totally exhausted and sleep like a log until the last possible second.   I need to find some time to work on my personal projects, writing, photography and reading, but I barely seem to have the time to read a few pages a day.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not just bitching and moaning.  I'm happier  today that I have been in years, I just want to know how to get it all done.

Any suggestions?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Oddly Addicting

I could drink Vitamin Water all day. All the flavors are great, but I think I could exist purely on Power-C (pictured) and Energy.

Wonder what they put in this stuff that keeps you needing a fix of it?

Friday Fantastic Four

21 degrees here in Center City Philadelphia today!  Therefore, we need another cold-weather Fantastic Four.

What four things do you do/use to cut the chill when it's this cold???

1. Sweaters - I love cashmere and they keep you nice and toasty
2. Hand Warmers - I like them WAY better than gloves if I will be outside for a while
3. Coffee - The Kona Gold at home is AWESOME to get you going.
4. Crab Soup - with the Old Bay and nice vegetables, it seems to warm you up from the inside out.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blank Verse

When you find yourself
Looking back
With a smile
The right thing
Is to reach out
For no reason
Just because

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

School At Night Time!

John is very excited to be at Family Science Night tonight. About 50 of us, evenly split between parents and kids who are learning about animals tonight. It's a lot of fun watching the kids interact and also good fun catching up with some of the parents.

John will be tired when we get home, but it is worth it!

Sitting In Traffic


As I sit here on the way into work (late again), I look to my  left and have to smile.  Stephen Starr's formerly-trendy Continental Old City is closed up tight this Wednesday morning, recovering for another nightly onslaught of partiers who will cross over from South Jersey tonight.

For now it's dark and quiet, but in 12 hours a barful of 20- somethings will be hoisting $12 speciality cocktails and sharing little plates of wasabi mashed potatoes.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Great School Project

  This is Hard! 
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John spent a good bit of the morning finishing up his diorama project for Mrs. Lacey's class.  He came up with all the ideas himself and was able to do the whole thing with only a tiny bit of adult assistance.

He chose to read Arthur's Computer Disaster and then did his project on the book, showing a scene from the book.

He converted a Nike shoebox into Arthur's house, complete with Arthur's sister DW and his friend Buster, all made out of clay.  He added a royal blue felt carpet and some snazzy construction paper walls to make it all very homey.  Some LEGO furniture rounded out the scene.

Along the way I had to drive him to the store to get the clay, glue and construction paper.  Then I presented a lesson on the safe use of scissors.  After a few mis-steps on measuring and cutting a remedial lesson on rulers was in order.  He only needed a bit of demonstration on the clay modeling, which surprised me.  I am sure there will be a wide array of project levels presents at school tomorrow from the totally parent-created to the woefully under-supervised.  John's will be on the honest end of the scale, but fairly well-executed.

Now he just needs to get it to school in one piece!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

We're in a looking back mode here today.  So today's Fantastic Four is in the 'back in day' mode.

What four things were cooler/better when you were a kid?

1. Winter - remember blizzards? Real ones, not Bolaris-overhyped ones that turn out to be flurries.
2. Theme Restaurants - Farrell's Bellybuster was friggin AWESOME!
3. Movies - The real Star Wars, Indiana Jones.  This Harry Potter stuff is crap.
4. The Phils - the 70s and early 80s were an awesome time to grow up a baseball fan.  Maybe this is the year ...

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Time Has Come

  Wachovia Spectrum 
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By now I am sure that you have seen the reports of the demise of Philadelphia's beloved Spectrum to make way for a mixed use commercial hotel and entertainment complex.   There's been much hand-wringing about it in the local press.  I just don't know why.

The Spectrum had its moment.  The moment is over.  It's time to bring the old brown hatbox of a building down and make way for the future of extreme South Broad Street.

I'm not going to say that it wasn't a great building in its time.  I had some great times there, whether they were shenanigans in the musty dimness of the upper level during concerts, cheering on Villanova against Big East foes, or taking my kids to the circus.  It was loud and you were close to the action and it seemed like you knew every third or fourth person there. 

But we all no no one pays to go Phantoms games - every ticket I have ever gotten was free.  And the building seems down at its heels,  smells like a urinal and suffers immensely in comparison to its younger cousin across the parking lot to the south.

Between the ice shows, the Phantons, the Wings and third tier concerts it's used about 125 nights a year.  That's pretty darn good for a second arena in a town, but honestly it's just not enough to get in the way of a project that promises to transform the experience of every sports fan in the region when they go to a game.

The Spectrum coming down will make way for a complex that would include a hotel, bars, restaurants, amusements, more parking and perhaps shopping and a museum.  Aside from the obvious need for a good hotel down there, a multi level garage and new street designs would go a long way to helping out on game days.

Where the proposed development really shines is on off-days down at the stadium park.  Right now the area is a ghost town.  Even McFadden's struggles to draw people when there isn't an event.  If you add shopping, more bars, a Dave and Buster's type place and some shops, you have a place that is viable 365 days a year not just 125.

I'd also like to see a Philadelphia Hall of Fame go into the thinking.  We're losing a big piece of our sports history when The Spectrum comes down, so let's preserve a bit of it by enshrining a few of the banners and some of the other memorabilia of the city ion a museum honoring all of the great sports moments for The City of Brotherly Love.  Granted a few more recent championships would help, but I think that a central location that can bring together all our heroes would be a good draw and could be fun if executed properly.

This kind of project has been done before.  The area around Camden Yards is not a perfect comparison since there is a beautiful harbor and it's in the middle of town rather than being stranded in between a superhighway and a million acres of parking lots.  The project that is going up in St. Louis is more like Philly's, but also has more proximity to down town. 

As with everything in this town, the project would be unique with a lot of hurdles to overcome before it happens.  It will also take careful planning and management to prevent another debacle like New Market, Disney Quest, or Penn's Landing.

Let the wrecking ball swing!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Waking Up

Morning over the Philadelphia skyline is pretty darn pretty!

I am getting myself together after last night's big party downstairs at Hair o' The Dog. We had a good time with MRGG, Bobby and Johnna and Byrnzee and Michelle. I'm feeling pretty good, no ill effects and I now tun my thoughts to a nice brunch.

Oh. One other note. Some things are just better in a hotel!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Pants Shrunk!

Many thanks go out at this moment to Dale Jasper of the Enduo Burlington Tailor Shop at The Burlington Coat Factory in Marlton, NJ! He just altered my tuxedo pants in about 10 minutes, ensuring a comfortable Hair o' The Dog for Another Delco Guy tonight.

We're on our way to the event right now, and I am blessedly relieved that I won't be partying for seven hours in pants that mysteriously shrunk over the holidays. I only had to wait a few minutes while he finished up a suit for a guy headed to a wedding. His had shrunk somehow as well.

So if you need quick tailoring, or any tailoring for that matter, drop in and see Dale at the Burlington Coat Factory on Route 73 South in Marlton.

See you at the party!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Well we've all had a few weeks to play with them or wear them or exchange them at this point, so this week's Friday Fantastic Four is:

What were your four best holiday gifts?

  1. The Tamron 18-250 mm IF lens my GF got me.  Great all-around DSLR lens choice.

  2. The WS-2310 WTC Weather Station from Mom and Dad.  One of these day I'll figure out how to link it to the blog!

  3. Realityland from Aunt Mariann and family.  Real-life inside story of how Disneyworld was created.

  4. Tiger Woods 08 for the Xbox that I got for Jonh.  Yeah - I play it more than him!

Have a great weekend and see you at The Hair o' the Dog tomorrow night!


Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

  21 Degrees?!?! 
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I had another Fantastic Four ready for today, but given today's frigid temperatures, it can wait.  Based on the aged thermometer outside my filthy Center City office, it's 21 degrees at 8:45.  That's snot-freezin' cold!

Today's cold weather Friday Fantastic Four is:

What four places on earth would you rather be today than where you are?

1. San Diego (duh)
2. Miami Beach
3. St. John
4. Quebec City - If I am going to be freezing to death, I would rather do it in this beautiful city.

Have a great (and cozy) weekend!

A Dream

2129394070_7a86c7ccb3_mMy Grandpop died 12 years ago this month.  I've written about him in the past and still look up to him as someone who always helped me when he could and was as encouraging to me as anyone has ever been.  To say that I miss him, even all these years later does not begin to cover the feeling.

I recently realized that among the things I 'lost' in my divorce was the flag that my father gave me from my grand father's coffin.  I'd like to have it back, but it seems unlikely at this point.  I feel pretty guilty that it's gone now and have been upset that I let him and my family down by losing control of such an important touchstone to the past.

Last night I had a very vivid dream that Grandpop was still alive and I went to talk to him in his bedroom.  That would have been very unusual, since I only went in his bedroom a few times over the years before he got very sick near the end.  The dream was quite vivid and had a very lifelike quality to it.  It was very early morning in the dream, dawn just touching the sky.  There were Christmas presents in the house and his Norway spruce was decorated.   

I went into his room and asked him how he was doing.  'Do you need anything?' I asked.  He rolled over and looked at me and said tiredly but clearly, 'Nah. Let me sleep.'

Take it for what it's worth, but I think I will 'let him sleep' for a while.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Personal 2007 Year in review

In the past I have spent too much time looking back and not enough looking forward.  I still don't look forward much, but I have stopped re-living the mistakes of my past.

I saw this little exercise on the internet - thanks didyouevernotice - and decided that it was actually worthwhile to take a half hour or so to look back on the year.  So please tolerate the self-indulgence for today.  You won't learn that much you didn't know, but you may smile once or twice.

The idea comes from Mary Schmich the Chicago Tribune columnist, who first popularized it in 2005.  She's also responsible for the 'Wear Suncreen' phenomenon.

In 2007, I gained seventeen pounds.
I lost my temper too often.
I stopped by Wawa too much.
I started giving away things.
I was hugely satisfied by my progress as a photographer.
And frustrated by my lack of progress as a writer.
I am so embarrassed that I am so out of shape.
Once again, I resolve to get back in shape.
Once again, I did not learn to swim.
The biggest physical difference between me last December and this December is my longer hair.
The biggest psychological difference between me last December and this
December is feeling much more at peace with where I am in life.
I loved spending time in


with the kids and GF and family.
Why did I spend even two minutes watching network TV?
I should have spent more time writing.
I regret buying pants that are now too small.
I will never regret buying my morning coffee even though with that money I could have bought a vacation.
I drank way too much.
I didn’t plan enough.
The ex drove me crazy.
Was work crazier than ever last year? Or was it me?
The most relaxing place I went was


I feel so far away when I write that down.
Why did I go to Seven Springs??????
The best thing I did for someone else was kiss a boo-boo.
The best thing I did for myself was relax.
The best thing someone did for me was not something I am writing on the internet.
The one thing I’d like to do again, but do it better, is cook regularly.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 to you all!  I am recovering from last night's festivities and looking forward to a day of NOT watching football.

I've always been a big fan of the bowls.  I used to watch them all, from the San Diego County Poinsettia Bowl to the Granddaddy of Them All.  This year I have not watched a single one.  Not PSU vs A&M, not Florida Atlantic vs. Whoever.

And I won't watch any of the bowls that actually matter.  No BCS for me.

Who?  Because it's time for a real national championship for college football and I won't support the bloated, silly bowl schedule again until we get a system that give me a real national champion.  Yeah, I know I am just one guy, but I am throwing down the gauntlet.  I'm fed up and I won't put up with it anymore. 

I'm going to watch drunk union guys dressed as women

Have a great year and enjoy!