Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Great School Project

  This is Hard! 
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John spent a good bit of the morning finishing up his diorama project for Mrs. Lacey's class.  He came up with all the ideas himself and was able to do the whole thing with only a tiny bit of adult assistance.

He chose to read Arthur's Computer Disaster and then did his project on the book, showing a scene from the book.

He converted a Nike shoebox into Arthur's house, complete with Arthur's sister DW and his friend Buster, all made out of clay.  He added a royal blue felt carpet and some snazzy construction paper walls to make it all very homey.  Some LEGO furniture rounded out the scene.

Along the way I had to drive him to the store to get the clay, glue and construction paper.  Then I presented a lesson on the safe use of scissors.  After a few mis-steps on measuring and cutting a remedial lesson on rulers was in order.  He only needed a bit of demonstration on the clay modeling, which surprised me.  I am sure there will be a wide array of project levels presents at school tomorrow from the totally parent-created to the woefully under-supervised.  John's will be on the honest end of the scale, but fairly well-executed.

Now he just needs to get it to school in one piece!


Hillary Chybinski said...

GREAT JOB John!!!!! Good luck!
Wow - a diorama huh?? I did one of Harriet Tubbman and the underground railroad. . .that was like 5th grade I think.

Chris said...

I thought this was a pretty advanced project for 2nd grade. I sure don't remember doing anything this complex until well ... college I guess.