Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

  21 Degrees?!?! 
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I had another Fantastic Four ready for today, but given today's frigid temperatures, it can wait.  Based on the aged thermometer outside my filthy Center City office, it's 21 degrees at 8:45.  That's snot-freezin' cold!

Today's cold weather Friday Fantastic Four is:

What four places on earth would you rather be today than where you are?

1. San Diego (duh)
2. Miami Beach
3. St. John
4. Quebec City - If I am going to be freezing to death, I would rather do it in this beautiful city.

Have a great (and cozy) weekend!

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Chamomiles Davis said...

I will be traveling to San Diego... in July. This week has been pretty damned nice weather-wise, however, so I can't complain.
It got pretty warm last year around the same time, if I remember correctly. I was attending a mid-January birthday from my friends' son and we were all wearing short-sleeved shirts.