Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Well we've all had a few weeks to play with them or wear them or exchange them at this point, so this week's Friday Fantastic Four is:

What were your four best holiday gifts?

  1. The Tamron 18-250 mm IF lens my GF got me.  Great all-around DSLR lens choice.

  2. The WS-2310 WTC Weather Station from Mom and Dad.  One of these day I'll figure out how to link it to the blog!

  3. Realityland from Aunt Mariann and family.  Real-life inside story of how Disneyworld was created.

  4. Tiger Woods 08 for the Xbox that I got for Jonh.  Yeah - I play it more than him!

Have a great weekend and see you at The Hair o' the Dog tomorrow night!


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