Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Personal 2007 Year in review

In the past I have spent too much time looking back and not enough looking forward.  I still don't look forward much, but I have stopped re-living the mistakes of my past.

I saw this little exercise on the internet - thanks didyouevernotice - and decided that it was actually worthwhile to take a half hour or so to look back on the year.  So please tolerate the self-indulgence for today.  You won't learn that much you didn't know, but you may smile once or twice.

The idea comes from Mary Schmich the Chicago Tribune columnist, who first popularized it in 2005.  She's also responsible for the 'Wear Suncreen' phenomenon.

In 2007, I gained seventeen pounds.
I lost my temper too often.
I stopped by Wawa too much.
I started giving away things.
I was hugely satisfied by my progress as a photographer.
And frustrated by my lack of progress as a writer.
I am so embarrassed that I am so out of shape.
Once again, I resolve to get back in shape.
Once again, I did not learn to swim.
The biggest physical difference between me last December and this December is my longer hair.
The biggest psychological difference between me last December and this
December is feeling much more at peace with where I am in life.
I loved spending time in


with the kids and GF and family.
Why did I spend even two minutes watching network TV?
I should have spent more time writing.
I regret buying pants that are now too small.
I will never regret buying my morning coffee even though with that money I could have bought a vacation.
I drank way too much.
I didn’t plan enough.
The ex drove me crazy.
Was work crazier than ever last year? Or was it me?
The most relaxing place I went was


I feel so far away when I write that down.
Why did I go to Seven Springs??????
The best thing I did for someone else was kiss a boo-boo.
The best thing I did for myself was relax.
The best thing someone did for me was not something I am writing on the internet.
The one thing I’d like to do again, but do it better, is cook regularly.

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Hillary Chybinski said...

cheers! I'd say you had a pretty darn good year. . .here's to an even better one in 2008