Friday, January 25, 2008

Oddly Addicting

I could drink Vitamin Water all day. All the flavors are great, but I think I could exist purely on Power-C (pictured) and Energy.

Wonder what they put in this stuff that keeps you needing a fix of it?


Matt P. said...

yeah i like it too. XXX one especially

PCole said...

I swore off drinks with calories unless said drinks have alcohol. And I have a hard time justifying paying for water.

PCole said...

I saw one in the fridge at work, just 50 calories per serving. But of course, 2.5 servings per 20 ounce bottle.

Mom said...

Could caffeine be that oddly addicting ingredient?
Or does it taste like Kool Aid or Hawaiian Punch, two kid favorites that your mean Mom rarely allowed you?

Chris said...

I know that they have compounds that are caffeine-like such as taurine in them, but even the flavors that don't are addictive. I think it's the light-sweet taste with the cool fruit flavors that make it a daily thing for me.
Having peach-mango endurance right now enriched with e and ribose!