Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paling In Comparison

  1990-91 Loquitur Editors 
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Every now and then I get to do something that just feels right.  This afternoon I went back to the Mansion at Cabrini.  Unlike most of the rest of the times I went there, i wasn't headed up to a girl's room.  So much has changed in 15 years!

What hasn't changed is that the Cabrini Communications students are still among the best around.  Today we honored all of their great work over the last year, including an ACP Pacemaker for The Loquitur, well-deserved honors for WYBF and all kinds of scholarships and good things for the current students.

Jerry Zurek is and always has been the heart of the Communications program at Cabrini.  I was proud to see him honored by so many alumni who returned to thank him for all that he has done for us.  We also wanted to make sure that the current students knew that we value all that they have done.  Their accomplishments are truly amazing.  As I heard all that this year's winner of the Philadelphia Ad Club Scholarship, Amanda Finnegan, had done, I thought back to how little I had done in comparison in winning the award in 1992. 

These students are covering human rights atrocities in Darfur, advocating for Fair Trade coffee on campus, covering presidential campaigns, and doing it better than my friends and I ever did.   We made up baseball teams and dogged the College president, but had no concept of our ability to create change beyond Cabrini's 110 acres.

Congratulations to everyone honored today and best of luck as you look forward to graduation.


Hillary Chybinski said...

The Communications Team - past, present and future - make ALL of we alumni proud. Kudos to Dr. Zurek and his amazing program.

Katherine Brachelli said...

Your blog says it all. Cabrini truly does have an amazing Communications team! It was great to meet with so many Cabrini almuni. What a powerhouse! Thanks so much!
Cabrini Alum '07
Kat Brachelli

Chris said...

Kat -
Thanks for stopping by the site, I hope you come back.