Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Brian McNamee is a Cockroach; Roger Clemens is a Liar

I got in about 2:45 this morning  and was blessedly given a day by my boss to recover.  So I am home unpacking and watching the baseball hearings.

Clemens and McNamee both gave opening statements. 

Clemens talked about his life working with kids and his nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize, his many years working in the ghettos of Calcutta with Mother Teresa and also that he had never taken performance enhancing drugs.  The Congressional questioners kept incredulously using the phrase "You remember you are under oath, right?," clearly indicating they know that Clemens is either currently pitching in fantasy land or its actively lying to cover his oft-injected ass.

After everyone in the room got done saying what a great guy fellow drug user Andy Pettite is, Clemens said that "Andy (Pettite) is a friend of mine, and he always will be a friend of mine." BUT "I think Andy  mis-remembers."

McNamee noted that he had provided the bloody gauze and syringes only after Clemens' lawyer had secretly taped McNamee talking about his son's medical condition.  Clemens' lawyer Rusty Hardin then released that tape to the whole world.  Pissed off, McNamee then went to wherever one stores 9 year old bloody evidence and gave it to the congressional committee folks.

It's clear in all of this that Clemens has ruined his legacy to the game.  I have always been a huge fan of what he has done on the mound.  But now it is clear that he did it by cheating and that his desire to 'have an edge' was taken too far.  In taking it too far, Clemens associated with dirtbags like McNamara, was seemingly indifferent to drug use, and was not a proponent of fair play. 

The Rocket was simply amazing on the mound.  Even on his worst day, his competitive fire still gave him a better than average chance to pitch his team to a win.  Clemens had a Hall of Fame career, but should never be inducted.  He should be banned from the game and his records removed from the books.  If it was just one person's word against Clemens', I'd have to give him a pass. 

But with Pettite saying Clemens is dirty and McNamee saying it as well, and with physical evidence that will likely prove it,  it's time that Clemens was separated from the game.  It pains me to say it, but an example needs to be made from him.  Kids can't see what he did and say that it was ok.  It's time for Clemens to come clean or get out.


Dan said...

I really cannot understand why people get upset about this. They are entertainers. They aren't driving our kids to school. I don't care what they're putting up their noses or in their asses. In the 70's they were "all" on speed. Are you going to erase their records & hold them in contempt? I say they should take whatever makes them more entertaining. I don't care that Belushi was high as a kite while I'm laughing my ass off at Animal House, and I don't care that Clemens was juicing while pitching his way to a Cy Young. I was entertained by both.
Peace - We need to get together for a beer.

Chris said...

Dan -
here's the problem with that argument. In order for younger players to compete with the older players juicing, the younger guys will need to juice. Then The HS kids will need to juice to get noticed, then what? My 7 year old?
They're not just entertainers. They ARE role models. And when kids compete to try to get to their idols' level honestly, they are dishonored when their idols cheat to get there or stay there.
Baseball is too good a game to be assoicated with guys like Brian MacNamee ... and who brought him to baseball? Cheaters like ROger Clemens.