Saturday, February 23, 2008

Honey Do List


Wth the CR-V in the shop today for its 36,000 service ($450), I am essentially a captive. Apparently my release is contingent on forced physical labor.

So far I have removed a decrepit 18 year old ceiling fan and replaced it with the nifty white model pictured above.  This project was complicated by the fact that the fixture is directly over a very soft bed.  I managed it anyway, in large part because the new model weighs about half what the old one did.

Then I removed the poorly-functioning fluorescent light in the kitchen.  It was screwed to the ceiling without benefit of an electrical box, so after another trip to The Home Depot, I am now relaxing while the spackle dries.  Then we'll (I'll) prime the ceiling and maybe even get a coat of finish on it before bed.  The cool new oval brushed metal fixture will have to wait until morning.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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