Wednesday, February 27, 2008

House Update

Well we got some bad news about the house we looked at. Despite the neighborhood and schools, we're not going to go any further. It wasn't the stripped floors or the missing ductwork in the basement. The faux walnut parquet plastic tiles in the family room didn't faze me.

In the end it was the massive $81,000 estimate for remediation of the soil and ground water contamination due to a leaky oil tank that was removed but not cleaned up. The sellers are a family that are liquidating the estate of their parents and the sibling apparently don't want to clean up the mess thier folks left. They want the buyer to do it.

Some one may, but there are too many variables in an environmental cleanup that goes under a house for me to feel comfortable. My guess is this place will sit a while longer and then the family will realize they need to bite the bullet. Maybe we'll still be looking then!

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