Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Mexico Photos

Img_7089Well, it's my last day in New Mexico, and I have finally gotten enough of a break and enough of an internet connection to put some of the photos I have taken up on Flickr.

The photos are from my first 2 days here.  Sunday's drive up on The Turquoise Trail was a great way to get acquainted with the geography and breath-taking scenery of Northern New Mexico.  There is also a set of photos that is part of what I shot in the Town of Santa Fe.  There will be some more when I get home, but the wireless connection isn't letting me do much more today.

I also have lots of great shots coming from my afternoons in the Bandelier National Monument and on the High Road to Taos.  The photo adjoining this post is a preview of the High Road set I will post in a few days.

Right now, I just hope that the bad weather back East doesn't delay my arrival home!

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