Monday, February 25, 2008

Nutter Nails It

180pxmichael_nutter Michael Nutter has been on the job as Philadelphia mayor for six weeks and it looks like his patience is already wearing thin.

Asked for a comment in the incident where some brainless scumbag shot a 16 year old after the kid accidentally hit him with a snowball, Nutter went off.  "The snowball incident has to be the dumbest-ass event of the year," Nutter growled.

He's right.  In a city where we are constantly bombarded with dumb-ass events, killing a 16 year old over a snowball is about as bad as it gets.  But it's the kind of even that should show Nutter and Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey that waiting won't save lives.  It's been a month since Ramsey brought Philly cops together and unveiled his crime-fighting plan.  I have not noted any change in the violence.

Let's get things moving.  Let's use this senseless murder to take the fight to the dirtbags and the bottom-feeders.  It's time to lock up gun dealers who make straw sales and their customers who pass the illegal guns on to the streets.  Stop and frisk should be a reality in the city, not a much talked about civil right issue.   Tavin Rutledge deserves as much.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Maybe someone at city hall is reading your blog too. Here's hoping!