Monday, March 17, 2008

2008 NCAA Tournament Picks

My bracket:

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I've got my picks done and in.  I've got a few upsets, but not in the early rounds.  I used to spend hours at this and get beat by women who picked based on what team's color they looked better in.  This year I just picked games based on my gut.

And that's as good as anything.  Shit.  Who really knows who's better in the Gonzaga - Davidson game?  where are these schools even located?

While I love that my childhood favorite team Villanova beat out 3-4 other more deserving squads to squawk into this year's field and also that BOTH Temple and St. Joe's made it, Sunday night will be the high point of the week for Philly hoops squads.  All three will lose in the first round.

As for the chalk, I don't have a single #1 seed in the Final Four.  I've got a 5 and a trio of twos.

  • Notre Dame

  • Georgetown

  • Texas

  • Duke

Georgetown over Texas 75-72 in San Antonio on April 7th.

Good luck and enjoy the most magical time of the year!

2008 NCAA Tournament Picks

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