Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Fantastic Four

Mr. George, the janitor at John's school is retiring today after many years of work in the hallways and bathrooms of an elementary school with 500 kids.  He's a cool guy, always good for a laugh and has an easy-going manner with the kids.  He knows them all by name and always has a question or joke for them.  i see him all the time in the office and i have to say that I'll miss it.

So to honor Mr. George and his many years of tolerant work with school children, here is today's Friday Fantastic Four:

What four people do you wish you still saw on a regular basis?

  1. My Grandfather - He died in 1995, but I still think of him every day.

  2. Coach Dzik - The Big Dog - He's down in Demorest now, but might be headed to Del Val soon!

  3. John and Emma - My angels - whenever they are with their mom, it's a rough day.

  4. Lou Monaco - My first RA in college, the best sports fan ever, hilarious to be around and a true buddy, even if he is a Mets fan.

I'm very happy for some of my life changes over the last few years that have gotten me back in regular contact with my old buddies.  Seeing Carlo, Danny, Bobby, Bryen, Chicken and Burnsie all the time has been the best.  Gotta figure a way to get back to Delco more to see the Hannigan and Ranson clans a bit more. 

Everybody have a great weekend!


Hillary Chybinski said...

This is an easy one:
1. My grandmother
2. Danielle
3. My parents - even though I see them every 2-3 weeks. . .sometimes I wish I could everyday.
4. Carla
Have a great weekend yourself - stay dry.

Dan said...

...I might cry.... Love you, too, sweetie!