Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Friggin' Lovely

Chelsea_2 Get used to it gang.  According to this article on today, Chelsea Clinton will kick off her mother's campaign for Pennsylvania today at a 4:30 pm outdoor rally at The University of Pennsylvania.  Apparently Chelsea's mom is busy recovering from winning three of four primaries last night, staving off an Obama coronation at least for the moment.

The next six weeks will be excruciating as the two Democratic candidates left standing appear to have decided to maul each other until the last second, thus assuring a John McCain presidency.  I am currently looking at property in Canada warm island locales.

The Clinton camp is selling last night as a big win, as they stopped Obama's streak of 12 victories.  They also note that Clinton is winning the states that Democrats need to win in November.  The Obama folks are quick to note that their man kept his lead in delegates pledged at over 100, and closed Clinton's once formidable leads in Ohio and Texas to single-digit margins.

So on they stagger toward Pennsylvania, where they will saturate the states 'six major media markets' (is Altoona REALLY a major media market?) with campaign ads that each hope will deliver Pennsylvania and its key 188 delegates.  It's going to be a mess.  Both campaigns went negative in the last week, and it's hard to come back up out of the gutter once you have fallen there. 

Expect it to be ugly.

And I just don't get it.  I voted for Clinton, but she would have to win Pennsylvania by 25 points to narrow the delegate margin enough to make the last few primaries in North Carolina, Indiana, and even Puerto Rico meaningful.  That isn't happening.  And recent polls have Obama up big in the delegate rich states left after PA.

A Hillary Clinton presidency is fantasy at this point.  She is going to lose and her staying in the race and battering Obama further is only helping  McCain.  It's time for someone to talk some sense into her and tell her it's over.

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